Where You Stand

We’ve started a petition to show that we don’t stand with THE General Body be it because of their methods, or because of the effect we know their demands will have on all Syracuse University students. You can sign here if you agree.

But we know that it’s important to not just stand in opposition, but to stand for something. This is a brief survey to see what students think of the current protests, and the issues at hand at Syracuse.


Do You Support THE General Body?

If so, in what capacity?


Do You Support Possible Tuition Hikes to Pay for THE General Body’s Demands?

The money has to come from somewhere, right?


What is the Purpose of Syracuse University?

Is it a private school, or a democratic institution?


How Should the University Handle The Installation Of Transgender Bathrooms?

Renovate now, over time, or not at all?


Is The Current Level Transparency at Syracuse University Acceptable?

Should the university be doing more to include students, or is the current access enough?


Do You Support Requiring All University Students To Take a Mandatory Diversity Class?

…And would that help diversity issues on campus?


By Cole Ellenbogen

Are there other issues you’d like us conduct a poll on? Comment with your suggestions, or contact us.


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