Turn off your Damn Phone

This December, my grandfather passed away, and my whole family gathered for his funeral. Having served in the National Guard, he was buried in a  military cemetery. At the beginning of the ceremony, an honor guard reminded us all – the immediate family – to please silence our cellphones, and avoid using all electronics during the burial. Seriously.

You would think that paying respects to a departed loved one certainly takes precedence over checking Facebook, unless you’re one of the awful people that takes funeral selfies, but the fact that they felt compelled to remind us really makes you wonder, doesn’t it: how many people must have texted and tweeted through the eulogy before it became necessary to remind people to be respectful?

And it’s not just funerals – it would be a little weird if it was – it’s everywhere. If you look around in any restaurant you can see families and friends at the same table, ignoring one another and typing away on smartphones. Not to sound antiquated, but I prefer actual social interaction to meaningless “hey, sup”s and “lol”s. I’m not saying we need to return to the dark ages, but it wouldn’t kill you to put the damn thing down once in a while – especially if you’re quite literally tweeting over someone’s grave – the internet will still be there when you get back, I promise.

End rant.

Okay, now end rant for real.

By Cole Ellenbogen


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