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Californians Asked If They Saw Martin Luther King’s Speech Yesterday, Half Answer Yes

Jimmy Kimmel sent out a crew to film their weekly segment, “Lie Witness News,” yesterday, asking LA residents if they had watched Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s Speech that morning, and how it stacked up to stacked up to speeches he had given in the past.

Jimmy Kimmel, who routinely does segments mocking the average American's willingness to pretend they know something that they don't.

Jimmy Kimmel, who routinely does segments mocking the average American’s willingness to pretend they know something that they don’t.

It’s absolutely amazing how little people really know… Take a look for yourself:


The real question is, did YOU see Dr. King’s Speech yesterday, and how do you think it compares to the one he gave in 1963?

-By Cole Ellenbogen


House Votes to Overturn Executive Action on Amnesty

In a vote earlier today, the House of Representatives voted 236-191 to overturn both the President’s executive action on immigration, as well as the DREAM Act directive which safeguards children of illegal aliens from deportation.

The bill still has to pass the Senate, and Obama has sworn to veto the measure should it reach his desk. However, passing this bill into law over a Presidential veto is not out of the question, considering that republicans gained seats in both the house and the senate, and this bill is more about protecting congress from executive overreach.

-By Cole Ellenbogen

Obama’s Proposal For Free College Perpetuates Huge Lie that Everyone Needs to Go to College

Before you get angry with me, or accuse me of hating people who can’t afford college, listen: it’s not that I don’t think everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue higher education, but its actually useless for everyone to have a college education.

The reason the job market has been so poor is that we have millions of undeclared university students who are going to college because they believe they have to in order to secure a good future for themselves, even though what they want to do may not even require a college education.

Totally necessary job, totally respectable career path.

Totally necessary job, totally respectable career path. College degree not necessary.

The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of great jobs that can even pay higher than vocations you would have with a college education, and are actually in demand! Sales consultants, stylists, cosmetologists, web designers, paralegal assistants, court stenographer, executive assistant, surveyor, mechanics, repair workers, plumbers – not to mention all of the inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovators who never attended or finished college. I know electricians that pull in six figure salaries and live in waterfront palaces, making more than I probably ever will.

This is a nice house. You can afford one of these whether you go to college or not.

This is a nice house. You can afford one of these whether you go to college or not. You just need to be motivated.

Of course, there’s an added bonus in going into one of these fields too: no crushing student loan debt. News flash: paying 30 grand, on average per year to get a degree in English, then ending up working in a drive through window because you have no idea how to apply what you learned, probably won’t set you up for the bright future you were expecting. Sorry.

Look at how happy he is. He's studying at The College on the Hill, getting a degree in eco-gender pan-african linguistic cultural literature. Money well spent?

Look at how happy he is: He’s studying at The College on the Hill, getting a degree in eco-gender pan-african linguistic cultural literature. Money well spent?

Federally funding two free years of college education for everyone will mean less people going to trade school, or taking up other lucrative occupations, because they feel there’s another obligatory two years tacked onto public education.

Improving our education system is important, of course – our standardized test scores are slipping as the U.S. education system falls in prestige on the global stage – throw some money at that if you want to do something to help. But encouraging everyone to go to college on the taxpayer’s dime isn’t going to bring about success for the nation, or its citizens.

To review:

-Free = tax payer funded

-Going to college just because, is a great way to dig yourself an inescapable grave of crushing debt

-Electricians make more money than I ever will, and don’t have to pay nearly as much to get trained. Seriously, trade school and apprenticeships are great options

-You don’t have to go to college to be successful, and sending more people to go to college to get degrees that they won’t use, because there aren’t jobs available or the degrees are useless, is a tremendous waste of money.

-By Cole Ellenbogen


Anti-Cop Protestor Has a Change of Heart After Going Through Police Training

A self-described radical activist and major opponent of law enforcement’s recent actions agreed to undergo police training, to see what it’s like to be an officer in a violent situation.

Reverend Jarrett Maupin underwent several basic scenarios where he would need to determine if it was appropriate to use force. In the first scenario, he failed to identify a threat, and was shot before he could draw his gun. In the second scenario, simulating an officer breaking up a fight between two unarmed men, Maupin choose to shoot a man who would not stop advancing toward him.

Afterwards, Maupin admitted that he didn’t realize how quickly the situation unfolds. That’s an important point for everyone to keep in mind when looking at these scenarios: police officers have dangerous jobs and need to make split second decisions. It’s much better to comply, and work things out later, than be belligerent and threatening toward an officer.

-By Cole Ellenbogen

HEY! Lets Arm Criminals and Leave Law Abiding Citizens Helpless!

Every year Rotary Clubs across the nation sponsor a speech competition, encouraging high school students to examine an ethical problem and measure it against the four-way test.  I wrote the following speech in 2013 as a high school senior. At the time I was frustrated and unable to understand how anyone could possibly think it is a good idea to implement gun control. Two years later- I still don’t understand how anyone could think this is a good idea, which is why I thought it was time to dig up the ol’ speech.

Rotary Four-Way Test

Rotary Four-Way Test

Speech Given in the Four-Way competition 2013:

Everyone on the ground! Hands on you head! Anyone moves I shoot!  Get on the get on the ground! These were the terrifying words spoken by armed gunmen attempting to hold patients in medical clinic hostage in Colorado Springs last February.  He would have easily succeeded, if it wouldn’t have been for an armed citizen.  Jeff Ferguson, a doctor at the practice who shot the gunmen and saved over 40 lives.  There have been many attempts to pass laws that prevent men like Jeff from owning guns, but we need to preserve this right.  Let’s measure this right against Rotarian Herbert J. Taylors four way test.  This test, which uses four questions will help us to determine if allowing citizens to own guns is ethical. Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned, will it build good will and better friendships and is it beneficial to all concerned. Through this test we will see why American citizens desperately need to be allowed to own firearms.

Question number one. Is it the truth? Right now there is an estimated 300 million firearms owned by U.S. citizens. Guns are in and of themselves a tool, the same way chainsaws, or matches are tools.  In the movie Texas Chainsaw massacre, the crazed killer uses a chainsaw to brutally murder his victims.  Yet, there isn’t a single person who would argue for the prohibition of chainsaws. Chainsaws are tools used to cut down trees, not kill people. When an arsonist lights a match that burns down a building, is that match at fault? Are match manufacturers responsible for the fire? Should laws be passed prohibiting you from having and using matches, or restricting which types you can have, and in what quantities? The answer is of course not. Matches are tools; the same match that was misused by the arsonist is used to light the fireplace that keeps your house warm. Guns are tools and their sole purpose is not to kill people. They are a part of our culture; they are used for recreation, sport, hunting and defense.  Guns as a creation fundamentally change certain dynamics of violence. For example they allow the weaker individual to fight the stronger.

There was a bang at the door.  A 14 year old boy rushes his younger siblings who were 12, 10, and 8 upstairs, and grabs his father’s pistol on the way. On his way up the stairs he turns to see an armed man burst through the doorway. That 14 year olds name is Michael Bates. Michael took drastic measures and shot the man in order to protect himself and his younger siblings. Without his father’s pistol, Michael would have been easily victimized by the gunmen.  Now imagine if suddenly a law was passed prohibiting the 300 million guns that are currently owned by private citizens. Wow, well your first thought is great! No more gun related violence. But when you really think about it you’ll realize that only the law abiding citizens would actually give up their guns, criminals who misuse guns will break that law, just like the all the other laws they break. Laws can’t control the lawless. So where would that leave law abiding American citizens? Well, they would be at an extreme disadvantage against criminals with firearms and have to rely solely on law enforcement. Guns as the great equalizer would no longer exist. The hope for the weaker individual to combat the stronger is gone and along with it vanishes the private citizen’s sense of security.  The truth is, Americans need guns.

Question number two:  Is it fair to all concerned? The founders of America, our fore fathers certainly thought that allowing citizens to own guns was not only fair, but a fundamental right. The bill of rights the second amendment to the constitution states a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.  All American citizens are born with the right to own a gun.

“This year will go down in history! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”

That is what Hitler decreed in 1935 upon initiating gun control in Germany. The citizens of Nazi Germany had no way to prevent their government from doing what every they wanted. This later resulted in the horrifying events known today as the holocaust and World War two. As Americans we are lucky that our founding fathers put in place legislation that prevented our right to bear arms from being taken from us.

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in Government.”  Thomas Jefferson. Life isn’t fair, but our fore fathers wanted us to have a fighting chance at fairness.

Question number three: Will it build good will and better friendships?  Guns are not only a part of our American history but they have also become a part of our culture. They are a part of our background, our heritage, our upbringing, and our world view.  Restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms amount to the destruction of a valued way of life, and are in that way a form of cultural genocide.

An  alarm clock barely buzzes before its eagerly switched off, it’s still dark outside,  there are seven or eight pairs of mud covered boots just inside the door, and you can hear the excitement mounting as everyone bundles up and begins anticipating what the day has in store.  This is how my family starts the first day of buck season, it’s a tradition that brings my family together and has created many lasting memories.  Every year my family gears up, eats a huge breakfast prepared by my grandmother and heads out with high hopes of getting a 12 point buck. Anyone who doesn’t go hunting waits anxiously for the hunting party to return so they can hear the many stories they are sure to bring back. This is how I was raised. I was also raised to know gun safety and proper usage. My father is a State Police Corporal and he holds gun safety in high regards.  The ownership of guns has brought my family closer by creating traditions like the one we carry out every hunting season. There are about 50,000,000 U.S. families just like mine who own firearms, and hardly any of these families have ever harmed anyone with their guns, and virtually none ever intend to. Nearly everything these families will ever do with their guns is both legal, and largely a part of their tradition and heritage. So when we advocate restrictions on their rights to own guns, we are casting aside a part of their lives.  Lasting friendships and good will are based on trust, security, values and lasting tradition. Guns are part of what brings us together, ensures good will, and builds relationships on tradition.

Question number four: Is it beneficial to all concerned? Of course allowing Americans to own guns is beneficial. Gun owner ship has declined crime rates and prevented genocides. In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.  China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves and were killed, The tragic history of civilian disarmament cries a warning against any systematic attempts to render innocent citizens ill-equipped to defend themselves from tyrant terrorists, despots or oppressive majorities.  Proof of the benefits of private citizens owning firearms can best be seen when guns were taken away. The genocides that resulted and the corrupt governments that took control were direct results of gun control. When Florida passes a right to carry law, allowing citizens to carry a weapon, their crime rates dropped an average of 36% .When Texas passed its right to carry law in 1995, the murder rate averaged 30% lower than when guns were ban.  Lower crime rates are simply one of the benefits that come along with private citizens owning guns.

The four-way test shows that gun ownership is ethical. It is the truth guns are a tool that level the playing field.  It is fair and it is a fundamental right given to us by the founders of America, our fore fathers.  It absolutely builds good will and better friendships through our culture, heritage and traditions.  Lastly gun ownership is beneficial to all concerned because it lowers crime rates and provides the American people with a sense of security.  A very wise person once said that nothing worth having comes without a fight. As Americans we need to have the courage to fight for our right to bear arms. It is my hope that as a nation we would recognize the value of gun ownership and stand up for our second amendment right.  Thank you for your time.

By Kyra Azzato


Committing Voter Fraud is Actually Super Easy

I was at a polling place to vote in a local election recently; I was sure to bring all the ID I would need to prove who I was to avoid any confusion. When I was next in line, I stepped up to the table, atop which sat a thick three-ring binder with a long list of local residents. Even though I was looking at the list upside down, the names were all in large print, with a check mark and a signature next to them if that person had already voted.

Voting stations at a common polling place

Voting stations at a common polling place

The poll attendant smiled at me.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“Cole Ellenbogen,” I replied.

The woman thumbed through a few pages of the booklet, muttering “E, e,” as her index finger quickly passed over each name on the page. “Ah, there you are. Just sign here.”

I looked at her, startled: “That’s all? You don’t need to see my license, or-”

“No,” she shook her head, smiling again, “no need.” She turned the binder around on the table, and tapped my name with a ballpoint pen, which she then handed to me. I scribbled my signature, voted, and left.

My mind was absolutely blown. I voted in an election and showed less ID than I have to when I buy a lottery ticket. All you have to do to commit voter fraud is be able to read upside down, and pick a name off the list without a signature.

We need photo IDs to vote. The Federal Election Commission recommended it years ago, but the push to require identification is shot down time and time again by opponents who claim that requiring photo IDs is an attempt to stop minorities from voting. Is it really racist to require an ID?

Let’s take a look at the list of other things that you need an ID for that aren’t racist:

Board a plane, buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, enter a casino, play the lottery, open a bank account, apply for and receive welfare, apply for and receive food stamps, file for and receive unemployment, buy an M-rated video game, see an R-rated movie, buy a cellphone, sign for a cell phone contract, donate blood, buy certain types of cold medicine, pick up a prescription, buy a gun, apply for a hunting license, apply for a fishing license, to drive or buy or rent a car, get married, check into a hotel, adopt a pet, apply for a job, or get a permit to gather and hold a protest.

What’s different about having an ID for voting?

I’ll leave you with that. Now in the words of Nelson Mandela:

Nelson Mandela sporting his "Get an ID. Register. Vote." Shirt

Nelson Mandela sporting his “Get an ID. Register. Vote.” Shirt

-By Cole Ellenbogen

New Korean Celebrity on the Rise

While many people believe that the actions of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un are his way of showing that he is not to be trifled with, the recent controversy pertaining to the movie The Interview has lead to a very different theory.

If you are out of the loop because of the holidays here are a few things you should know:

  • North Korea threatened all out nuclear war if the movie the interview was shown in theaters
  • On Monday, November 24th Sony Pictures Entertainment’s headquarters in Culver City is hacked.

    Sony Guardians of Peace

    The image displayed on the Sony employee computers after the hack. Photo Creds Sony Entertainment LLC

  • 3 days after the attack 5 Sony films (Fury, Annie, Mr. Turner, and To Write Love on her Arms) were leaked onto the internet, and downloaded millions of times- effectively beginning to cripple the entertainment business.
  • November 28th the first speculation of North Korean hackers emerges.
  • December 1st  pre-bonus salaries of the top 17 Sony executives are leaked to the press, the files also contained the salaries of more than 6,000 current and former Sony employees. Following the leaks Sony hires FBI SealMandiant, a cyber-security firm.
  • December 2nd- 4th more and more of Sony’s secret information is leaked and hacked
  • December 5th information pointing to North Korean Hackers and more threats on the company and its employees emerge.
  • James Franko jokes about the hacks, and North Korea while at the same time promoting his new film The Interview on Saturday Night Live.
  • December 7th-10th North Korea denies any connection to the hacks, the hackers demand that Sony not show their film The Interview, and continual leaks of the President Obama, and several celebrities personal lives.
  • December 11th The Interview premiers regardless of the hackers threats
  •  December 13th the hackers give Americans an “early Christmas present” by once again releasing several new Sony made films
  • December 17th Sony decides to stop the planned Christmas day release of The Interview after bomb threats to theaters that show the film emerged
  • December 19th The hackers send their approval to Sony for pulling the film
  • December 23rd Sony recants previous statements regarding pulling the film and decides to once again release it Christmas day
  • December 24th The Interview is made available for rent via YouTube Movies for $5.99

If you got bored reading the time line half way through here is the short end of it…

Hackers (probably North Korean) infiltrated Sony and released a ton of movies, got really angry about The Interview and made lots of threats to the theaters that would potentially show it, causing Sony to provide the movie much cheaper that usual via VOD, not to mention the hacks caused wide spread sensation over the movie- aka free advertising .

In other words good ol’ Kim Jong-un made the movie much more accessible to Americans, and sensationalized it- which made even more people want to watch it.

So consider this… maybe Kim Jong-un wanted us to watch it after all. Maybe he is hungry for celebrity and fame. Maybe just maybe his plan was to get us all to watch it.

After all the Arabs never once complied when we made the movie The Dictator. 


PhotoCreds: IMDb

PhotoCreds: IMDb

Not to mention North Korea didn’t have any qualms about the 2004 film Team America: World Police that portrayed Kim Jong- il,  Kim Jong-un’s father.

So you decide. Kim Jong-un – celebrity wanna be, or threat to American security.

While you decide please enjoy this fantastic theme song.


By Kyra Azzato

Legitimizing Violence

Arguably one of the most dishonest and annoying tactics employed by protestors, and media is trying to sell to completely dichotomous issues as a package deal. (I.E: if you agreed with the Ferguson Grand Jury, you think black lives don’t matter; if you support Israel, then you must hate palestinians… that sort of thing.)

The most recent of these “package deals” being pushed comes in the wake of the Eric Garner protests against the NYPD: If you’re angry about Eric Garner’s death, you must hate all police officers. The problem with this anti-cop rhetoric is that it’s being spread by influential figures like New York City Mayor de Blasio, cable news and political pundits.

Here’s the problem:  you can disagree with the way the police handle something without wanting to kill officers who are already risking their lives, but fanning the flames and trying to drum up resentment for the police allows groups of sick people to use the cause as a legitimate front for their hatred.

When we don’t rebuke hoards of people marching at “F*ck the Police” rallies, chanting, “What do we want? Dead Cops!” Eventually someone is going to make good on their threats. The recent murder of two NYPD officers had nothing to do with race and everything to do with a belligerent, hate-filled individual with a long criminal record killing two random officers because he thought public opinion was behind him.

The status posted by Ismaaiyl Brinsley before murdering two NYPD officers.

The status posted by Ismaaiyl Brinsley before murdering two NYPD officers.

To make matters worse,  he was right – in the wake of the shooting, many took to social media to celebrate the killings. Two wives lost their husband, a teenager lost his father. You don’t rejoice over someone’s murder because of their career choice, whether you agree with them or not.

The same thing happened this summer when a significant number of people sided with the known terrorist organization “Hamas,” while Gaza lobbed missiles at Israel and hid behind human shields. Enough people condemned Israel that actual anti-semites felt comfortable taking to the streets, assaulting Jews and looting their businesses.

Protestors need to stop spouting hateful slogans and encouraging violence – we do not want to go down this road. Having every police officer constantly fearful of being slaughtered by a wanna-be martyr nut job is probably not going to help race relations. I know that kind of stress would certainly put me on edge if I were working an already dangerous job.

To Review:

1. You thought some police officers were too tough before? Wait till you see how things go now that someone shot two of them, just because they don’t like cops. This probably isn’t going to do wonders for race relations either.

2. Saying that it is karma when someone kills one police officer because of something another police officer did, just because they’re both police officers follows the same logic as firing one accountant because another accountant majorly botched an expense report.

3. Everyone acts so tough until they need the police. Perfect example: the organizer of a “F*ck the police protest,” had her car stolen while she was off chanting for dead cops. Immediately after, she went to the police station, begging for help getting her car back. I’m sure the irony was lost on her.

4. Fanning the flames with hateful rhetoric legitimizes violence. It already happened in Europe during the Israel-Gaza conflict with rampant outbursts of anti-semitism. It happened again in New York city when the internet celebrated the deaths of two murdered police officers. Don’t escalate things any further.

5. And finally, because the heaps of ungrateful, damnable pro-cop-killers aren’t going to say it: bless the law enforcement, and all first responders, for protecting us every day – thank you for your hard work.

By Cole Ellenbogen.

White Christmas = White Power?

This post is going to be difficult for me to get through without swearing, so bear with me – I could’ve just as easily called this: SNOW IS RACIST, ALLEGES SOCIAL MEDIA.

I like country music. Everything from the feel of it, to the lyrics, it just always puts me in a good mood and makes me think of the summer time.

I also like Darius Rucker. I don’t know anything about his political stance on anything, and frankly I don’t care; he’s a musician and I like to compartmentalize. He sings a particularly good remake of wagon wheel, if that gives you a better idea of who he is.

Anyway, last night Darius Rucker performed a Christmas song at the Rockefeller Tree-Lighting in New York City, and was immediately blasted on social media for being racist and insensitive. I’m sure you can already guess which villainous song he was singing: “White Christmas.” Apparently, that is insensitive because of the recent grand jury decisions in both Ferguson, and NYC. See for yourself:


I understand that some people are upset with the Eric Garner case, but to consider just the color white to be racist is insane.

Does this mean that we shouldn’t whitewash buildings, use whiteout to correct writing mistakes, or talk about Walter White’s tragic life on Breaking Bad, until the protests have all ended? By that logic, power outages, thin, hard-to-see ice and my favorite kind of olives are ALL racist as well! (See also blackout, black ice and black olives.)

Darius Rucker should not be taking flack for singing one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time simply because it contains the word “white” and there happens to be a protest about the death of an African American occurring nearby.

I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that there are people out there who legitimately believe “White Christmas” is a racially charged and hateful song, or the fact that those people incorrectly used the word “ironic” to describe the situation. I know it doesn’t really relate to the story, but irony is not coincidence. Just figured I’d throw that in there.

Either way it looks like I have to stay inside for the rest of the winter so I don’t see any of that racist snow.

Give me a break.

By Cole Ellenbogen

Obama Makes Soap Opera Producer Ambassador

This one’s interesting. We all know that political favoritism happens, and campaign donors get appointed to positions of power, but this is absolutely ridiculous. The senate approved Colleen Brady Bell as the next ambassador to Hungary, which is on the verge of a government collapse, a neo-facist dictatorial takeover and a partnership with Putin.

Her only qualifications are bundling $800,000  for Obama’s 2012 election campaign, and of course, producing “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

The appointee is absolutely clueless, and failed to identify any of the strategic benefits of a friendship with Hungary. This appointment is dangerous, poorly timed, and blatant favoritism.

But the best part, as always, is watching Josh Ernst trying to explain everything away. Check it out:

By Cole Ellenbogen