Are We Losing the Space Race?

The Philae Spacecraft.
Photocreds: NASA

Unless you live under a rock (no judgement, if you do) then you’ve probably heard that today marks the first day a space probe has landed on a comet.  The European Space Agency’s Philae lander successfully touched down on Comet 67P/C-G (not that this name actually means anything to anyone). A live broadcast of the landing is going on now.

The Philae Spacecraft.  Photocreds: NASA

The Philae Spacecraft.
Photocreds: NASA

At the end of last month, an unmanned NASA rocket exploded just off the launch pad. Six seconds off the launch pad to be exact.  The video below shows the explosion. I suggest skipping ahead to 2:50.  Seriously don’t watch the entire video, I did and it’s really boring and nothing happens.

The EXACT SAME WEEK the United States saw a failure in their space mission Russia successfully completed a similar mission. The Russians were able to launch and dock their rocket, bringing about three tons of food and supplies to the space station.

Which brings me to my big question? Is the United States falling behind, or even losing the space race?

The term Space Race refers to a competition between the United States and Russia to prove which country had superior space flight capability.

So where does the United States stand? Europe and Russia have recently had immense success in their space missions displaying clear superiority over the American space program. Hopefully the U.S. will be able to step up their game and defend their title as the winner of the space race.

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