Where You Stand

We’ve started a petition to show that we don’t stand with THE General Body be it because of their methods, or because of the effect we know their demands will have on all Syracuse University students. You can sign here if you agree.

But we know that it’s important to not just stand in opposition, but to stand for something. This is a brief survey to see what students think of the current protests, and the issues at hand at Syracuse.


Do You Support THE General Body?

If so, in what capacity?


Do You Support Possible Tuition Hikes to Pay for THE General Body’s Demands?

The money has to come from somewhere, right?


What is the Purpose of Syracuse University?

Is it a private school, or a democratic institution?


How Should the University Handle The Installation Of Transgender Bathrooms?

Renovate now, over time, or not at all?


Is The Current Level Transparency at Syracuse University Acceptable?

Should the university be doing more to include students, or is the current access enough?


Do You Support Requiring All University Students To Take a Mandatory Diversity Class?

…And would that help diversity issues on campus?


By Cole Ellenbogen

Are there other issues you’d like us conduct a poll on? Comment with your suggestions, or contact us.


Don’t Stick That in Your Mouth

Have you ever come across a warning label that makes you wonder why the maker even felt the need to put it on the packaging? I’ll throw in an example:

A sticker placed on a power tool, cautioning the user not to stick the device in their mouth.

A sticker placed on a power tool, cautioning the user not to stick the device in their mouth.

(If you can’t quite make it out, the highlighted portion of the image kindly suggests that you use this drill on wood, and not your teeth.) While this may be perfectly sound advice, to me it seems unnecessary. I personally have never finished up a project around the house, looked at my family’s DeWalt and thought, “I could probably save myself a trip to the dentist here.” And this is just one example; there are plenty of others.

The thing that separates me from the poor sap who tried to give himself a root canal – I’d imagine someone had to misuse the product before they made that little addendum to the warning – is common sense.

Earlier today we saw this video of a kid microwaving a glow stick. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, he holds and shakes the now supercharged rave accessory until *spoilers* it explodes in his face. If you’re impatient, skip to about 1:00, the father’s reaction is prime, and you should go into this video armed with the knowledge that glow sticks are non-toxic so you won’t feel bad for laughing.

Webster defines common sense as: “the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions.” We would love to believe that most people possess this trait, but I’m a realist, and I know that the proof is on the internet. Plus in my book, common sense is about more than knowing how to avoid getting sprayed with glowing green goo; it’s about understanding how the world works.  It’s about knowing that “free” just means that someone else paid for it for you, knowing how to be a responsible adult, and an informed citizen. Our goal is to educate those who want common sense, and entertain those who have it.

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By Cole Ellenbogen and Kyra Azzato

And cast your vote in our poll: some people are book smart, some are street smart, and some are both. (Some are neither too, but nobody likes a full-time cynic.) Where do you think America stands?